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Name:Mizuno Ami
Birthdate:Sep 10
Location:Tokyo, Minato-ku, Japan

Hello, my name is Mizuno Ami. I am eighteen years old, and am currently studying for my college entrance exams. I know you probably think that it is too early for such preparation, but you can never start studying too early! After all, this is my future we're talking about!

I currently live with my mother, and we live alone in the Minato-ku prefecture in a lovely high-rise apartment. I want us to get a cat eventually, but unfortunately our apartment complex doesn't allow pets...

My mother is a very strong, dedicated, hard-working woman. I hardly ever see her since she is always working at the hospital, but someday, I hope to be as dedicated and as skillful a doctor as she is. That is why I have to keep studying this hard, you see.

Unfortunately--or fortunately, depending upon how you look at it--I have to split my attentions between studies and saving the world as the Soldier of Wisdom and Knowledge, Sailormercury. Along with Usagi-chan and my other friends, we are the miraculous fighting team of pretty soldiers, the Sailor Senshi!

Things have been pretty quiet lately...I take it as a good sign...could we finally have found peace at last? (And will I actually be able to finally focus on my studies?!)

My hobbies include reading, chess, and computers. I love cats (Usagi-chan and Minako-chan are so lucky...I want a cat...), and my favorite foods are sandwiches (the ones with cucumbers are especially tasty, and I like egg salad sandwiches, too, with tea) and sweet anmitsu. It's really quite refreshing!

I have always liked math because it is so straightforward and simple--but really, I love all of my subjects, and it changes every year.

I have to admit--I am a bit of a fan of the Three Lights, as well--but don't tell anyone! My friends will never let me hear the end of it...
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